December = Support


The word for the month is: SUPPORT.

I LOVE THIS WORD!  Think of all the ways this word is used: Support system, supportive, moral support, support network, I.T. Support, LIFE support… 

But what a brilliant word for the month of December!  

During this month that is so layered with so much tradition, celebration, family togetherness, holiday-ness, giving, receiving, love, etc… sometimes people can find themselves on the opposite of the spectrum and therefore SUPPORT comes into play in a major way.  Let’s challenge ourselves to stay aware this month, and actively notice where we can lend our support to others.  

Let’s also make sure we are supporting ourselves!  Perhaps that is meditation, yoga, walking, running, reading… anything that is going to support YOUR best self and therefore can support people around you!

Marination Station: Instead of asking ourselves, “what can I get?”  we can ask “where can I be of service?” 

Enoughness: Here is your SUPPORT SYSTEM!  Comment below, talk to each other, be supportive, see what that feels like!  


Sierra Boggess123 Comments