August= Flourish


This month's word was suggested by one of our Enoughness Community members, Lauren!  

Lauren says: "I want to suggest the word FLOURISH! I am starting college in a few weeks and people always tell me that they wish they could go back in time and relive their college years. People often refer to their college years as the most fun part of their life. I think this word really captures the feeling of beginning a new stage in life. It implies not only success but also a love for your surroundings and circumstances. When I think about college, the years following college, and the people who talk to me about their college years, this word continues to come to mind. Flourishing means loving your circumstances or having the courage to change them. August is the perfect time of year to look around, be thankful for your surroundings, and start FLOURISHING! This means loving where you/where you’re going, the choices you make, the people you’re with, and the future ahead!"

August is generally such a transition month and I know it is easy for us to feel anxious or worried because a lot of us go back to school, back to work, start something new etc... so marinating in the beautiful idea of FLOURISHING is so helpful!  

To FLOURISH, by definition, is to grow or develop in a healthy and vigorous way, especially as a result of a particularly favorable environment.  Therefore, can we challenge ourselves to stay aware of what is healthy for us? What is favorable for us? What will encourage us to grow?  What are we saying yes to?  Will it help us flourish?  

What if we challenge ourselves this month to trust the process, therefore allowing us to trust in ourselves that we CAN flourish each day.  We are put on this earth to bloom and grow! We just have to WANT to... lock in that desire and watch how effortlessly you will flourish!

Marination Station: try this mantra when things get tough this month..."Flourishing is my birthright"

Enoughness Community: Comment below and encourage each other to FLOURISH each day, each month!!!  Thank you, Lauren, for this awesome word suggestion!