January = Be Curious


Is there any other way to step into a brand new year then with an attitude of “be curious”????

We often start the new year with our goals, our resolutions, our words, etc…. which is awesome. AWESOME. But I would also encourage us to leave space, within our new goals and ideas, for curiosity! Leave just enough room for the unexpected. Have your thoughts, but allow yourself to be curious at what the universe also wants you to know within that!

I am so proud of us! We are asking the questions, we are doing the work, we are practicing gratitude and we are here in a new year! Curiosity reminds us to come from a place of not knowing! Sometimes it’s helpful to tap into that inner child, that version of us that used to ask questions… so that we can be more present in the learning!

Only from a place of curiosity can we truly grow and change. Only from a place of curiosity can we be present with what is. Only from a place of curiosity are we setting others up for success in terms of allowing them to be in their truth too. Isn’t it a wonderful concept to start 2019 with this? Are you willing? Are you on board?Comment below in our enoughness community! Stay curious!! So grateful to be on this journey with you!

Sierra Boggess12 Comments