April = Adventure


The word for the month is Adventure!  Who’s in??

I love this word for April.  Spring is such an adventure as it is, and we are ready for it!  Let’s find ways this month that we can be inspired by the adventure of living.  Can we challenge ourselves to look at life as an adventure, something we GET to do, GET to experience, GET to craft?  

When we were children, we often thought of life as an adventure.  Not knowing what was around the corner, not knowing what was happening in 5 minutes, not knowing what we expect of ourselves just yet... Part of the adventure, part of what we get to embrace about the whole concept, is the NOT KNOWING!  It’s a beautiful thing to allow ourselves to not know, and then trust... trust that this life will take us on the adventure it is designed to give us!  

So just as nature is in a constant state of adventure, let us also find that.  Let us be reminded to not take things too seriously as we co-create the kind of adventure we want.  It’s a “choose your own adventure” kind of life.  It can be as wonderful, loving, scary, exciting as you want!!!  What will you choose?!

Marination Station: Where can we dare to look at the day, the hour, the minute, as simply an adventure instead of a task?  How can we allow ourselves to full embrace the journey?  “Sell your cleverness and purchase bewilderment”-Rumi

Enoughness: Let’s embrace the adventure of our own enoughness!!  Comment below, join in the adventure of knowing that each of us is enough!