November= Light!


Oh my fellow Light Workers! November is about light! It just simply must be. It’s the second to last month of the year and we start seeing shorter days… and therefore less light! So what if we were the light for each other?

I believe the shorter days are an opportunity for us to bring more light to each other and remind each other that we always have the light within us! With so much darkness in the world… we MUST be the light workers! As Marianne Williamson says, “Darkness always has an agenda”. Therefore, LIGHTNESS must not forget its power!!!!

I love the idea that before we came onto this planet we made some sort of pact with the Universe, God, Planets, Allah, Buddha, Krishna, (whoever and whatever you believe is larger than you) that we would come onto this earth and bring LIGHT to all of humanity!

Who is up for the challenge?

Marination Station: You know what helps me know that someone has a sense of humor about all of this and even created little tiny reminders that the light is within us? FIREFLIES! They literally are on this planet to light up when the sun goes down! So I say, let’s give gratitude for those little guys and be the light for ourselves and others! I’m excited to be a fellow light worker with you!!

Sierra Boggess9 Comments