September= Renew


Welcome to September the month of renewal!  This month we focus on renewing our intentions, renewing our inspirations, renewing our connections, renewing our minds, bodies and spirits... it’s the beginning of fall, the time when renewal is crucial or else we will be dragging old patterns, old tools, old ways of thought or being into the future with us and we may just need to pause and reflect first!  

Let’s think about “renew” for a second. Even the word is brilliant... re-new... make something new again!  Think about the tools you have been using for too long that no longer serve you... how can you make positive change towards something if you keep picking up the same tools over and over?  Part of renewing requires being brave, being vulnerable, taking a chance on something that you haven’t tried yet!

Let’s marinate in this idea... in order to renew, we must be willing to admit there may be another way!  Check in with yourselves... what do you want to renew? Are you willing to check in with yourself?  Are you willing to get into the work? Are you ready to be brave? I am with you on this journey, as always, and I look forward to reading your comments in our enoughness community!  Comment below... support each other... encourage one another to renew... and emerge ANEW!! 

As always... YOU ARE ENOUGH.  You are SO enough.  It’s unbelievable HOW enough you are.  That means, in this time of renewal, we may want to strip away the things we have unnecessarily added to our lives because we didn’t trust our enoughness.  You ARE enough!!!

Sierra Boggess21 Comments