April=Be Brave


Ladies and gentlemen… be soooo brave!

The dictionary definition of bravery: The quality or state of having or showing mental or moral strength to face danger, fear or difficulty.

OHHHH wow how about that? We often think of bravery in the face of epic battles of danger, fear or difficulty. BUT we get to be brave EVERY DAY and in EVERY way! Sometimes even just getting out of bed in the morning when you have been through something difficult is being brave. Showing up at a party when you have fear of crowds, is brave. Going to school is brave. Taking a class is brave. Having empathy with each other is brave. Being present with someone going through a hard time is brave. And one of my favorite and most challenging acts of bravery: be brave to change your thought pattern that has made you feel anxious or down or not enough.

My dear friend and fellow actor, Joseph Millson, told me before I went onstage one time to “be so brave”. And that meant brave with my choices, brave with LISTENING, brave with showing up for my character… how awesome is that thought (for all you fellow actors out there)?

So, this month, pay attention to the little acts of bravery you do every day. It’s often a mental choice we get to make. Brene brown says “you can be brave and terrified at the same time.” And that is SO true and yet we still show up for ourselves and for each other! So see where you can be brave this month and where you can encourage others to do the same!!!

Comment below and let us know your acts of bravery! As always, keep encouraging one another to remember that YOU ARE ENOUGH YOU ARE SO ENOUGH IT’S UNBELIEVABLE HOW ENOUGH YOU ARE!