July= Surrender


Our first order of business is to surrender to the fact that it’s already July!! How fast this year is flying!!!

So. Surrender. To “cease resistance”. How powerful is that? So the questions we can ask ourselves are, where have I been resisting letting go? Where have I said no when I should have said yes? Where have I said yes when I should have said no? What holds me back from surrendering? Is it a good idea to surrender in this situation?

There are so many journeys to take with this word… but to me, one of the pieces of “surrender” is “trust”. We gotta cultivate TRUST in order to surrender completely. To surrender to what is. And by “surrendering to what is” that doesn’t mean we are giving up, shrugging our shoulders and saying, “well that’s just how it is”…. no! In fact, by surrendering to what is, we are setting forth a vibration of no resistance which allows the universe in!! It allows us to calm ourselves and better HEAR what we need to do!! It’s such a powerful tool!

Well, it’s a big one, but I’m excited to see what “surrender” has in store for us this month. As always, you are not alone on this journey, and you have your light workers and enoughness community to discuss with below!!! Surrender to the fact that you are enough! You are so enough!!!!