August = Perfectly Imperfect


Happy August, my fellow Light Workers!! This month the Light Lesson is: PERFECTLY IMPERFECT!!!!!!

I am really excited to focus on this idea this month. I think when we are striving for “perfection” it depletes us because NEWS FLASH you are already perfect because you are HERE on this planet! We are divine beings that are perfectly made and there for we are perfectly imperfect in every way! Imperfections are beautiful things!! We must use this month to remember that we are enough in our perfectly imperfect ways!!

So, what are you willing to see differently? What “perfections” can you let go of? What “imperfections”? Where can you enjoy yourself more and more? Where can you look at someone else and celebrate THEM for their perfectly imperfectness? Where can you forgive yourself? Where can you forgive another?

Comment below and celebrate each other’s perfectly imperfectness!!! I look forward to seeing what you have to say!! Happy August everyone!!!! You are so enough!!!