March= Empathy


Oh my loves! We have just completed a month of LISTENING, and our word for March just goes completely hand in hand with that! EMPATHY!!!!

Empathy is a skill, it is a practice, it is a right of passage as a human! To be able to empathize with each other… to listen without judgment… to connect, deeply connect, as someone is going through something… it’s one of the most incredible gifts we can give ourselves and others!

When we are going through something, we just want to know that we aren’t alone and that we are heard. The times we feel the most heard and understood is when someone has taken the time to practice empathy as they listen. Think how good it feels when someone has just truly said “I’m so sorry, I understand how you feel.” No advice needed, just the simple understanding that what the other person is going through is recognized. It’s a beautiful way to connect and care!

This month, let’s challenge ourselves to be empathetic to each other. Whenever our judging mind comes in, see instead, if there is a place for listening with the intent to bring comfort or to learn a new way of being… Why not? We can always learn something from each other by staying open and empathetic. Allowing ourselves to grow just from being fully present to what another person is going through.

I am on this journey with you! Comment below and be there for one another as you always do! Empathy is alive and well this month!

Sierra Boggess15 Comments