January = Integrity


The word for the month is: INTEGRITY!!!

Welcome to a whole new year, a whole new 365 of possibilities and new beginnings!  Welcome to a year of anything is possible!  But first, welcome to a new month where we will focus on the word "integrity." Are you ready for the challenge???  Let's go! 

The definition of Integrity is "the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles: honesty, good character, sincerity, truthfulness, trustworthiness." I love this idea for us to focus on this month especially in such an important month that is the beginning of a whole new year. Don't you?

We talk a lot this month about New Year's Resolutions etc.  But what I want us to really think about INTEGRITY as we are recommitting to ourselves.  When we make the choice to go to the gym, are we going just to go, or are we going to be present and have integrity with each step we take, each workout move we do?  Can we have integrity, stay honest and true to our bodies when we eat?  Let's challenge ourselves to be AWARE of what we are choosing to put into ourselves!  Is our INTEGRITY still in tact? 

And most importantly, integrity with each other.  Are the words we are choosing to say, the conversations we are participating in, the questions we are asking and answering, staying within our integrity? I love the idea that Brene Brown talks about, "common enemy intimacy" which is where we bond with someone over our dislike of the same person.  I think this is a really important lesson for us to be aware of this month!  

I'm so excited to focus on INTEGRITY with you this month!  I am proud of all of you for making it this far!  I am excited for the possibilities that lie ahead this year but first, this month... actually, first, THIS DAY!  

Marination Station: Before any big decisions this month, pause and ask yourself, "Am I being true to my highest self?  Would I be proud of myself for what I am about to say or do?" Remember, your higher self is the one ALWAYS telling you "you are enough, you are SO enough, it's unbelievable how enough you are!"

Enoughness: Integrity TRULY is about trusting your enoughness!  Comment below, talk to each other, see how this word resonates with you and others!


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