June= Kindness

IMG_2866 2.JPG

Half way through 2019 already???? Well this seems like the perfect time to reflect on the word KINDNESS.

My fellow light workers, how many times have you seen in the past year, past month, past day, past hour examples of people choosing kindness? How many times have you seen people choosing the opposite? It’s a tough time we are living in, and I feel like there is so much unnecessary unkindness going on… I want us to really be present with how we can choose kindness at every turn this month.

I often ask myself, “would I rather be right or be kind here?” This simple internal question helps center me on what my actual purpose is in posting something, saying something, repeating something, correcting something… etc etc etc. So often we do not pick our battles, and end up going into EVERYTHING like a battle! I encourage us this month to really think carefully about when and how we act!

Shall we take it up a notch? Kindness challenge this month? 30 days of kindness… you choose what that will be, but I suggest each day 1-3 small kindnesses. Whether that’s in word, deed, thought… I am going to do it! Are you? I am so proud of all of you, my kindness warriors… I can’t wait to see what a beautiful month we bring about together, just by kindness in our forefront! YOU ARE ALL SO ENOUGH!!!!!