May= Light Worker

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Traaaaaaa la it’s may the lusty month of May!!!!! I am so happy to say that this month we will be focusing on being “light workers”!!!!!!!

I get a lot of questions about this card… what does that exactly entail? I love this card because it is so open to interpretation! Basically whatever answer you can come up with THAT IS IT! My definition of “light worker” is someone who has remembered their purpose is to bring light on this earth, not to add to the darkness. We are literally made of stardust, so why wouldn’t our purpose be to bring light?

Light lessons, Light workers, we know these things, we ARE these things, we forget we are these things!!! So this month, it’s my birthday month after all, and therefore I want us to remember we ARE LIGHT!!! Listen to India.Arie “I am Light” on repeat… look up at the moon and the stars and say “I am you”, let the sun penetrate your closed eyes and feel how good that feels in your body!!! You are the light!

How can you be a light worker this month? Here’s some ideas: send an email or text to someone you’ve been meaning to reach out to. Use a cloth bag at the supermarket. Listen to a friend without interrupting so that they feel heard. Post a positive message on social media. Go outside for 5 minutes. Reconnect with your purpose/the why you started whatever project you’re stuck on. Pick up the check if you can just as a surprise. Spend time with an animal. Walk by some flowers and say “thank you”.

I mean ANYTHING y’all! We GET to be workers of light. Darkness always has an agenda, so the light must as well! Thank you for being fellow light workers with me for my birthday!!!!! YOU ARE SO ENOUGH!!! Leave comments and messages in below and share ways that you have been light workers this month!!!

Sierra Boggess9 Comments