February= Listen


Welcome to February everyone!! The word that has been consistently coming up for me and for so many of you recently has been LISTEN. And I realllllly love this word for this month!! What if we take more time to listen to each other… it’s a skill that we can really hone this month if we are committed to it!

There are so many different view points and ways to look at the world. Not any two of us are exactly alike in our thoughts, so what if we challenge ourselves to LISTEN to viewpoints that are different then us this month? Think of how much we could learn just by listening.

I think that LISTENING is a key element to empathy. And since we are all looking to be more empathetic in this world, let’s try to use the listening skill even more for this month! Listen to each other, listen to yourself, listen to NATURE, listen to animals, listen to the silence…

And if anything else, February is the shortest month of the year so I KNOW we can do it! :) Let’s do this together… listen to each other, listen to your own thoughts, listen to what your ego is telling you and see if you can HEAR your higher self seep through instead!!! If we are still and listen, I believe we will grow so much as a human race!

As ever, I am thrilled to be on this journey with you! Comment below and listen as you do! And HEAR THIS NOW: You are enough, you are so enough it’s unbelievable how enough you are!

Sierra Boggess17 Comments