May = Celebration


Welcome to the CELEBRATION that is the month of May!  There is no accident that I randomly picked Celebration for my birthday month!  

We have so many opportunities this month to think about things we want to celebrate!  We get to find ways to celebrate moments, each other, life, nature, animals, our spirit guides, our mistakes, our lessons, our growth, our interest in learning more about this life... I mean these are all causes for celebration, I THINK!  

It can often feel like with the state of the world these days, that we don’t have reason for celebration.  We are called to be light workers now, more than ever, I feel.  And the boldness to dare to celebrate this month, is a necessity. Who is up for the challenge?

Your challenge this month is to think about, even when life seems hard, can you find a reason to celebrate even the little things that are going right?  We are so good at focusing on what isn’t going right... but stop and throw a mini celebration for what IS going right in your world.  And then pass that joy on to others.  

Marination station: “At the end of the day, the fact that we have the courage to still be standing is reason enough to celebrate.” Let’s really marinate in this idea this month, shall we?