September= Responsibility


Happy September fellow Light Workers! It’s time to take some responsibility!

Have you ever found yourself placing blame on everyone or everything around you? Have you ever found yourself in a judgement spiral? How about pointing out flaws of others? Well this month, we are going to focus on RESPONSIBILITY.

When you find yourself in any of those negative spirals, ask yourself “where can I take responsibility?”

Responsibility for your actions, feelings, words, stories… it’s up to us how long we want to keep feeling defeated or incapable or stuck. We can always take responsibility for our thoughts around the situations!

I love the idea that when there is no love, PUT LOVE. When there is no integrity, PUT INTEGRITY. When there is no grace, BE GRACE. That is what embodies “responsibility” to me! I am really excited to see where you will take this word this month and find freedom in your responsibility!!! It’s your life, take responsibility for your own enoughness!!!! Comment below and continue being the responsibly beautiful network you all are for one another!!

Sierra Boggess25 Comments